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Date 2021-06-28 14:01:47

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Hello Thank you for ordering us!

We want to talk with you about refund

When you place an order, we can get your payment thru paypal

And they get fee 4% from your payment

And when you cancel the order, we cannot get a fee again.

Sometimes, you ordered and just canceled even if we already take off the soil

This is the very big problem with us

We cannot sell the plants anymore. Because we already take off the soil

After plant them, we need to wait their establish


If there are our problems like plants dying here, we can refund 100% of course

But if you cancel the items or order for simple change of mind, we cannot refund 100% price

If we didn't take off the soil yet, we can refund 96% only

If we already took off the soil, we can refund 90% only

This is plant shipping. So Please check the information page well

Sometimes, you don't know your country's import rules. But you just order and cancel after getting our email

If this problem is happened continually, We need to charge 4% fee to every order

Please consider this before place an order 

*About Plants Damage*

We send the healthy plants here

But sometimes, plants get a damage during shipping

Of course we do our best for safe shipment like drying plants enough here and packing them carefully

But sometimes, customs take the package over 1 week and it make plants damage

Sometimes they open the box and make problem to plants.

At that time, it's hard to refund it. 

We don't take a responsibility about customs problem.

Also clusters can be separate. We take off the soil very carefully. 

But sometimes, the plant is not a one body or if they have thin stems, it can be separated

If they are separated too much here, we contacted you or replace it to similar one

(please use your familiar email. we can contact you)

So when you get the plants, if they are separated, we can't refund it. 

We already noticed it to every item page

Of course we pack them carefully to avoid this problem

Also sometimes, plants leaves fall down. But if their stems are healthy, we can't refund it.

Because plants are alive and they will recover it again.

We always do our best for safe shipping. Hope you can get your package well

*When we refund your money, if you use your reward points for that order, we can refund your reward points first.

Many Thanks!



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