Shipping info


Hello. This is BARAMKKOT.

My company is a store specialized in succulent plants in Korea.
We export succulent plants overseas with the issued Phytosanitary certification.
However, we can’t ship them to the countries in which importing succulent plants is prohibited or the strict rules and regulations for import are applied (Australia, Argentine, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey and etc.).
We can ship to most states in the United States, except Guam and Puerto Rico.

1. Shipping Info

If there are no special circumstances, quarantine is carried out every Tuesday or Thursday, and shipments are performed on Monday or Thursday.
- An order should be placed by noon on Monday or Wedenedsday early morning in Korean standard time, to be quarantined.
- In summer, it takes more time for shipment, since plants are dried more for shipment than other seasons for safe delivery in hot weather.
Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we ship plants after drying for two weeks on average in case of the shipment by EMS, and ship them after drying for a week in case of DHL. (It differs depending on the type of plant.)
We ship plants via EMS and DHL. DHL is recommended for small orders due to delivery delay caused by recent COVID-19.
We DO NOT responsible for any custom issue, custom fee, shipping delay etc.

2. Shipping cost

You can check Shipping cost by DHL on Notice page. Please check Notice before you place an order.

* Shipping cost will be automatically calculated according to the plants quantity
* However, if the shipping cost exceeds due to the size of product, an additional shipping cost will be charged. Please check by email, as products can be shipped only after the additional shipping cost is paid.

3. Please check the documents required for importing plants.

(As we can’t directly look into the import requirements of each country, check the exact information at the customs office of each country.)

U.S.A - Phytosanitary Certification, Import Permit, Green/Yellow Label
Canada - Phytosanitary Certification, Import Permit
Japan - Phytosanitary Certification
Singapore - Phytosanitary Certification
Europe - Phytosanitary Certification
Philippines - Phytosanitary certificate, Import Permit
Belize - Phytosanitary certificate, Pmport Permit
South Africa - Phytosanitary certificate, Pmport Permit

* Phytosanitary Certification: P/C is issued by the quarantine office in Korea when a customer’s order is completed. The necessary information (Real Name, Mobile phone number and Address) for import should be correctly written in English on the shipping information for the smooth issuance of a P/C.
- Customers, shipping the plants to USDA, must write the address of USDA in your state. We are not responsible for any problem caused by incorrect address.
- Before placing an order, check the correct information to know if it is a plant that can be imported at the custom office of your country.